Information for Puppy Owners

Information for Puppy Owners

As soon as you pick your puppy this is important to start to building your relationship of trust between you and your puppy. Important not to forget that your puppy is still young baby and not to expect too much from him too quickly. Try to keep them with you as much as possible, labradoodles won't be unhappy if they spend too much time alone.

Do not let him sleep alone for the first few nights. Try to teach your puppy what he is allowed in the house. Do not ignore bad behavior and take steps to correct naughty behavior with clear voice. Avoid sudden aggression movements when he is doing something wrong , aggression feeds aggression.

As soon as you pick your puppy you are free to pick the name and we will register with WALA association and vet.

Things to have before you pick up the puppy:

- Love Love Love

- Number from your vet

- Clean house and close areas where your puppy can harm himself or break something important for you. ( puppy gates ).

- Puppy training pads

- Food and Water Bowls

- Dog food

- Dog beds puppy blankets

- Dog toys for boring time

- Doggy Vitamins and supplements

- Bones and teething Chews

- Grooming Tools

- Leashes and Collars

-Training Treats and Tools

- Cleaning suppliers

- Find reputable training sources or dog trainer near you

- Reservation fee of £500 paid is required

- The puppies are sold not for breeding and they must be spayed/neutered until age of 12months

What you get from us :

- Two years Health guaranty

- Full support

- Contract signed between parties

- Microchipped, vaccinated, precociously wormed and flee treated

- Free 5 weeks Pet insurance, starter pack with includes samples of food we feed, blanket, toy .....etc.